Become A Member

The Cranston Community Association provides advocacy, programs and other services using the funds obtained from community association memberships.  Here are just a few of the things we do:

  • Giving residents a voice – listen and support members’ ideas
  • Creating a feeling of shared community values and common interests
  • Acting as a resource for information
  • Offering programs and services based on residents’ needs and interests
  • Creating a sense of community celebration, pride and identity
  • Finding ways to recognize residents and volunteers who make a difference
  • Finding ways to create an inclusive environment including events
  • Making communication job one!
  • Looking to community resources, the City and others for collaborations and partnerships
  • Engaging people in community planning and municipal decisions
  • Creating partnerships with local businesses
  • Promoting the notion of safe communities through citizen engagement
  • Responding to issues that affect community life
  • Building and supporting amenities and facilities that create places for citizen interaction

Membership is $20 per family, per year.  Becoming a member is easy and can now be done online!

To access the online membership management system click here.  

If you have previously held a community association membership, you already have an account on our new system!  Please use the forgot password tool to obtain your password.

If you have not previously held a community association membership, use the signup form to create your account.

Aren’t I Automatically a Member When I Pay My Yearly RA Fees?

Unlike Cranston Residents’ Association fees, which are mandatory as part of your land title, being a member of the Cranston Community Association is optional.  For more information why you should join and support your Cranston Community Association, read here.