Community Association versus Residents Association

Community Association (CA)

The purpose of community associations is to have a representative role in meeting the needs of the community.  The community association works to protect the interests of the neighborhood, including surrounding developments, transportation, zoning, and a wide assortment of community issues.  The board members have direct contact with the City Councillor, Member of the Legislative Assembly, City of Calgary Police Liaison Officer, federal Member of Parliament and other government officials on a monthly basis. The Board is run solely by volunteers and is responsive to the membership.  Membership is voluntary and the fee is minimalJoin now!

The Cranston Community Association aims to build a sense of community by:

·         Giving residents a voice – listen and support members’ ideas

·         Creating a feeling of shared community values and common interests

·         Acting as a resource for information

·         Offering programs and services based on residents’ needs and interests

·         Creating a sense of community celebration, pride and identity

·         Finding ways to recognize residents and volunteers who make a difference

·         Finding ways to create an inclusive environment including events

·         Making communication job one!

·         Looking to community resources, the City and others for collaborations and partnerships

·         Engaging people in community planning and municipal decisions

·         Creating partnerships with local businesses

·         Promoting the notion of safe communities through citizen engagement

·         Responding to issues that affect community life

·         Building and supporting amenities and facilities that create places for citizen interaction

Residents Association (RA)

Residential developers plan and create new communities with additional amenities such as green spaces, parks, tree lined boulevards, and much more.  These communities are turned over to the City of Calgary from the developers once residents start to move in.  There are some improvements in these communities that the City of Calgary does not recognize and maintain, including optional amenities like water fountains, gazebos, and park features.  The residents associations were put in place to operate, maintain and manage these amenities by utilizing the revenue from residents fees.  Membership in the residents association is compulsory and the annual fee is collected by the residents association through a caveat on title.  In Cranston, the amenities are run by the Cranston Residents Association and include Century Hall and Park.