YYC Birdhouses

The Cranston Community Association contracted with a local Calgary entrepreneur and woodworker, Kyle Niksic of YYC Birdhouses, to construct the bird and bat house kits as part of the Birds and Bats Project #SupportLocalYYC.  For more information about YYC Birdhouses, check out Kyle’s story below as well as the following links and pages:

Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/yycbirdhouses

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/yycbirdhouses

Website:       https://yycbirdhouses.ca/

For families who would like to obtain additional bird or bat house kits, Kyle has included in the kit a 10% discount code which can be used when purchasing through the website https://yycbirdhouses.ca/.

Kyle’s Story

YYC Birdhouses started during the pandemic out of a passion for woodworking. With everyone (myself included) spending more time at home and enjoying nature, I felt birdhouses were the perfect project to tackle.  I started designing some houses and I did plenty of research on how to make it easier to clean between seasons and how to tailor the birdhouses to the type of birds we get in Calgary.  After putting them up and posting photos on social media, friends and relatives wanted a birdhouse for themselves.  As interest in my birdhouses grew, I set up a small website and began to deliver them around Calgary and for the holidays, I participated as a vendor at local Christmas markets.  The business kept growing and my workshop, initially in my garden shed, has expanded to my whole garage.  Despite the success and growth, my core values remain the same: thoughtfully designed birdhouses and feeders that are easier for you and better for birds.