Update from Calgary Waste and Recycling Services

WRS has updated information that was shared during the Friday media availability, and on our website regarding additional changes to our service levels. The changes are focused on the collection of excess black and green cart waste, and the green cart collection schedule. Please see the below update from calgary.ca/collection.

Effective April 21, 2020, there are changes to cart collection to maintain service for Calgarians during COVID-19. After reviewing safety protocols and best practices, we are resuming the collection of extra bags as your collector can safely pick up extra waste while wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Green cart collection will remain at every other week as this is a feasible level of service that we can maintain due to challenges presented by COVID-19. This allows us to keep picking up green carts with the current number of drivers available.  If your green cart is full, extra paper yard waste bags can also be set out for collection. We are working towards resuming weekly green cart as soon as we can.
  • Black carts are collected every other week. If your black cart is full, extra garbage bags can also be set out for collection. 
  • Blue carts are collected every week. Extra recycling is not accepted. Please hang on to recyclables until your next collection day, when you can fit them into the blue cart.
  • Alternatively, please ask your neighbours if they have space in their carts that you could also use.

We thank you for your patience as we work to maintain green, blue and black cart service to every household during this time.