April Update from Calgary Police Service

Just another quick email with information to help assist the members of your community during these extremely challenging times. The following are a few of the trends unfolding in the City of Calgary that will inevitably impact community members in the District 8 Zone 4 area as the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold.

  1. Smash and grab Break & Enter events are increasing:
    • A number of pubs/restaurants were targeted over the weekend with offenders targeting cash and alcohol.
    • It is suspected that these are under reported at this time due to a number of business closures /social distancing for COVID-19, and many businesses not being alarmed to make the business owner aware of the incident in a timely manner.
  1. Expansion of pop up shelters:
  2. Many of the homeless shelters within the city are expanding their services finding temporary locations to house the vulnerable segment of our population. To date there has been no shelter expansion in District 8 area, however expansion could reach our geographic area at some point.  
  1. Things to watch for:
    • Public venue closures such as malls, public libraries and recreation centres which could result in the vulnerable segment of our population being displaced. With decreased vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the streets, the vulnerable sector who may have traditionally relied on panhandling as a means of income may resort to criminal activity as a means of income. The vulnerable sector may also be looking for alternative locations to sleep/stay warm with business closures throughout the city. This could result in this vulnerable segment of our population using force to enter premises looking for a place to spend the night.
    • Continued targeting of closed restaurants and pubs for cash and/or alcohol.
    • Liquor thefts continuing, but could progressively shift to Break & Enter (smash and grab) and robbery events as people become more desperate.

I have attached a graphic issued by the Calgary Police Service providing 10 Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses. These 10 tips cannot prevent falling victim to crime completely, but will absolutely help to deter criminals and they will offer the best options for the police from an investigative capacity after a crime has been committed. Any information you can share with the members of the District 8 Zone 4 communities to assist them in these very stressful and uncertain times would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few numbers to reflect on from the month of March. I am including all the communities of the District 8 Zone 4 communities and the numbers are reflecting Home Break and Enters and Stolen Autos as these tend to be the social disorder calls that affect Zone 4 the most.

CommunityBreak and EnterStolen Auto
Auburn Bay57
New Brighton 25

If you are not on the District 8 Facebook page, I encourage you to follow as I will post in there from time to time updates as it relates to District 8. I have also initiated WhatsApp Crime Watch groups for all the Zone 4 communities for the exception of Mahogany as they already have Nextdoor App and I do not want to make things any more digitally crowded.