Updates from our City Councillor

Seven-Day Snow Plan

The seven-day snow plan is The City’s schedule for clearing snow from public spaces. It’s approved by City Council and comes into effect once a snowfall ends city-wide. The plan sets out which roads, sidewalks, bikeways and pathways our crews will clear, to what extent, and on which day within the seven-day plan.



Snow and Ice Bylaws

Please make sure to clear the snow in front of your home! If you have any difficulties in doing so, we recommend first looking to your neighbours for help. While it can take a while for any street clearing to make it to your residential street after a snow event it doesn’t get you off the hook for clearing your own sidewalk.



Snow Angels

Calgary is full of amazing neighbours that care for those around them by helping shovel walks and driveways. A Snow Angel can be especially helpful to older adults, people with limited mobility and anyone else needing help, even on a temporary basis. You can help us recognize these local heroes by nominating them! Find more details with the link provided:



The City’s Map Gallery

It has been a snowy winter! Check out the progress of snow clearing operations, priority routes, and traffic camera images with maps.calgary.ca/RoadConditions

Want to know more about the pathways and bikeways? Curious when the Ring Road will open a new section? Find all this and more with Calgary’s amazing assortment of maps!



Park Bylaws

We have received some concerns for our constituency around the increased use of the parks, pathways, and green spaces in Ward 12. Please be respectful when using these common spaces. Our activities often have direct impacts on the environment with consequences for the natural plant and wildlife as well as indirect consequences for our neighbours that care deeply for these places and the beauty they contain.



Speed Limit Review

One of the recommendations out of the Residential Speed Limit Review was just voted in by Council. The new bylaw will change the default unposted speed limit within city limits to 40 km/h effective May 31, 2021. There is lots of information about the journey this conversation took as it arrived at the recent decision and the implications for your neighbourhood. Check out the link provided!





Green Line

The Province has put the Green Line project under review and recently shared five expectations before funding will be released and construction can begin. Please consider adding your voice to a movement of Calgarians imploring the Provincial Government to expedite the review process so that we can begin construction in 2021. This represents around 20,000 jobs and over $4 Billion in stimulus for our economy.




Property Tax

This is likely going to be a tough year financially for many people as the impacts of the COVID pandemic compound. If you have issues with your assessment you can contact The City through 311 but we encourage you to inform yourself before you call. The Customer Review Period runs until March 10, 2021.


Financial Facts:



Happy Family Day!

Family Day long weekend is just around the corner and we encourage you to stay up to speed on the current restrictions as you plan activities. Stage 1 could potentially reach us before Family Day!



Support Groups

Calgary is full of amazing people that mobilize to help their neighbours when they fall on hard times. Ward 12 is no exception and we want to thank the incredible people that organize groups like the:

Auburn Bay Angels | Mahogany Angels | Copperfield Helping Hands | Cranston CARES

Do you know of another citizen/volunteer led group that is organizing to care for people in these uncertain times? Cllr. Shane Keating and his office would love to highlight your group. Please email CAWard12@calgary.ca and we will add you to our list!


Need help? Call 211

Has the pandemic and the corresponding economic fallout left you and/or your loved ones in a bad place? Call or text 211 to be connected with an integrated support network.




For the most up to date information with what’s going on at City Council and to contact me directly, keep an eye on my website at www.shanekeating.ca