June Crime Stats

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you once again where things are at numbers wise for the past month of June in the District 8 Zone 4 communities. Overall our crime rate has started to climb a bit again but non the less we are still dealing with the usual social disorders affecting us in District 8. 

 CranstonAuburn BaySetonMahoganyCopperfieldNew Brighton
1. Break and Enter330242
2. Stolen Auto211111

I have not included everything above that we would typically deal with but rather taken 2 of the most prevalent calls for service. District 8 has been very proactive in recognizing the issues facing our communities with our “new normal” as it relates to COVID-19. We continue to update people on the CPSD8 Facebook page and more and more people chiming in on the WhatsApp Crime Watch Groups with shady behaviour and such.

One thing that is being recognized is that break and enters are increasing a bit more than average. We continue to use our social media resources to educate citizens coupled with a pro-active Pop Up Cop Shop located at the entrances of several grocery stores in the communities where we are there to educate and share information with people as it relates to home and property crime prevention.