2023 Cranston Clean-Up Event

Your Cranston Community Association is sponsoring the Clean-up Event again!  Set aside Saturday, 17 June from 9 am to 2 pm for this event, which will be located at the Century Hall parking lot (11 Cranarch Road SE, Cranston).

This free event for all Calgarians is your chance to get rid of items around your house that are getting in the way or collecting dust.  Vendors include:

  • City of Calgary Waste Management Division (household waste)
  • Donovan Enterprises (metals)
  • Shanked Computer Recycling (electronics/small home appliances – scri.ca )
  • Cerebral Palsy Alberta (small household items – cpalberta.com )

Please go to the vendors’ websites for a list of acceptable/not acceptable items.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!  If you have computers, electronics, small home appliances(mixers, microwaves, blenders, bread makers, etc.) that you want to dispose of, bring them to the cleanup event and drop them off at Shanked Computer Recycling.  This is a fundraising opportunity for the Cranston Community Association through the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (www.albertarecycling.ca), so your participation is appreciated greatly – thanks in advance!

The cleanup is for household items only – no construction material please!  Check out https://www.calgary.ca/csps/abs/partnership-programs/community-cleanups-items-we-accept.html for information about what is and is not accepted by the City of Calgary Waste Management Division trucks.

Finally, please bring enough help with you to unload your items as the volunteers and vendor staff will not be unloading your vehicle.  See you there!