Welcome to the 2017-18 Cranston Community Association Board Members!

The Cranston Community Association held its annual general meeting on Tuesday 11 April 2017, during which several new members were elected to the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in any vacant position, or would like to find out more about joining as a General Director, reach out to us or attend one of our upcoming meetings.

Current Board members who were not up for elections and retain their position for another year include:

  • President – Michelle MacKenzie (2018)
  • Treasurer – Palam Vinai (2018)

We are pleased to announce the following new appointments:

  • Vice President – Jason Gordon (2019)
  • Secretary – Mark Labrecque (2019)

Several of the 11 Director positions were reappointed or elected by acclamation:

  • General Director – Tamara Duffy (1 year term)
  • General Director – Joe Katongole (1 year term)
  • General Director – Margaret Moore (1 year term)
  • General Director – Melinda Triebwasser (1 year term)

The CCA Bylaws require that 2 independent members of the CCA volunteer to act as independent auditors.  For 2017-18, these individuals include Ryan Phillips and Rebecca Morely.

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  • Why wasting money of sending another letter regarding dues are due April 30th.
    I am wasting my money paying for this. I have no money at the moment until my pension comes in on April 26th. I having a problem regarding this payment I have never heard of it. I am paying my property tax that should be enough. Also I am over 80 and never been there. It’s for young family with kids that would like to go there. If seniors like to join there should be a senior rate. Please discuss that at the board meeting.

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