Cranston – Thanks for Participating!

Here’s a big vote of thanks to you, Cranston, for participating in our annual Community Cleanup event!  The traffic through the drop-off location was steady, even as the drizzle progressed to rain in the afternoon.  In all, the City of Calgary took away 3 truck-loads of trash and garbage as well as a full truck of compostable material.  Our vendors, Recycle-Logic (electronics), Donovan Enterprises (metal), Kidseat Recyclers (car seats) and the Cerebral Palsy Association were more than pleased with the amount of items they took away for recycling or for donation.  Last but not least, thanks to the congregation of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Cranston for generously allowing us to use their spacious parking lot in order to host this event.

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  • Just wondering if I could drop the following items for this year’s 2018 Cranston cleanupoff:
    big black backyard plastic compost
    Power washer (that needs a new hose to work again)
    Kids street hockey net (minus the net)

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