2017 Cranston Community Cleanup Day!

Join the Cranston Community Association in partnership with the City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services in our annual community Clean-Up Day on Saturday 10 June 2017 from 9 am to 2 pm.  We will be at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints parking lot, located at 200 Cranston Road SE.   The following services will be on hand for you to offload any unwanted items you may have around the house:

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling

The City of Calgary’s packer trucks will be accepting household waste that you want to clear from your house or garage until 2 pm.  In addition, there will be a truck available to accept organic waste (branches, leaves, grass clippings).  As well, there will be a recycling MOBIE on-site in which you can put blue-bin recycling items (cardboard, glass, paper, plastics).

Please do not bring your hazardous materials to be disposed of or recycled.  Here is a link to a list of hazardous materials that cannot be accepted.  The items that will NOT be accepted by the City of Calgary include:

  • tires
  • major home appliances including microwaves
  • paint and household chemicals
  • propane tanks
  • car batteries
  • liquids
  • metals
  • glass
  • railroad ties

 Donovan Enterprises (metal)

New this year, Donovan Enterprises will be on hand to accept metal items for recycling, including:

  • appliances (any size)
  • fridges and freezers upon payment of a $20 fee
  • computers, phones, laptops, tablets, amplifiers, stereos
  • vehicle rims (with or without tires)
  • air conditioners
  • disassembled metal bed frames
  • metal exercise equipment
  • steel weights
  • bicycles
  • car/motorcycle batteries
  • metal vehicle parts

The following list of items are NOT accepted:

  • propane tanks
  • tires without rims
  • chain link or chicken wire fencing
  • mattress springs
  • concrete weights
  • wood and plastic
  • televisions and computer monitors
  • plastic exercise equipment
  • printers and fax machines
  • storage sheds (metal or wood)
  • items containing flammable liquids (ie lawnmowers with gas, heaters with fuel)
  • items containing mercury
  • radioactive material
  • dirt, debris, or waste of any kind (glass, wood, dirt, concrete, asphalt or other non-metallic materials)

Recycle Logic (electronics)

Recycle Logic will be available to take any unwanted household electronics for recycling.  Please note that the following items cannot be accepted:

  • batteries (lead based)
  • bio-hazardous/toxic materials
  • chemical waste
  • appliances such as dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves
  • electrical ballasts
  • fluorescent bulbs
  • mercury switches
  • computer monitors with broken glass (unless pre-approved)
  • PCB material
  • smoke detectors

Cerebral Palsy Association (household items)

The Cerebral Palsy Association will be on hand to accept gently used clothing and household items.

Kidseat Recyclers

New to the Cranston Cleanup Day is Kidseat Recyclers who will be on hand to accept your unwanted children’s car seats to be recycled.  Before dropping it off, please remove and dispose of the straps and foam padding.  Also, please be prepared to pay an $8.00 recycling fee for each car seat, which covers all hard costs associated with the recycling process including stripping the metal, re-chipping the plastic and transportation and administration of the program.  If you do not want to pay the fee, you can dispose of the car seat in the garbage.



    • As far as I know, Debbie, mulch is acceptable. HOWEVER, it would be worth the trip to the drop-off location to ask the City of Calgary employee before you load it into your vehicle.

    • The City of Calgary trucks probably take old mattresses and box springs BUT it would be worth the trip to the drop-off location to ask them first before you bring them.

    • Our metals vendor, Donovan Enterprises, might take it for a fee as it likely has coolant in it that would need to be purged. I don’t know what the fee for small fridges is but it would be worth the trip to the drop-off location to ask them before you load it into your vehicle.

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