Break and Enter Burglaries – Crimes of Opportunity

Our Calgary Police Community Liaison officer shares each month’s crime statistics with the CA Board, and the continued trend of break & enters proves that we, as a community, need to be much more diligent in snuffing out crime in Cranston. The majority of break & enters (homes and vehicles) occur when doors are left unlocked. These are crimes of opportunity that are easily taken advantage of by opportunistic thieves, and it is recurring time and again.

Burglars are able to access unlocked vehicles parked on the street or in driveways, and make off with loose change, wallets/handbags, cellphones, GPS devices, and much more. Other times, they are also able to take your garage door opener. Now having access to your garage, and what you keep in there, many still have a false sense of secuirty and leave the man door – the door between your garage and your home – unlocked.

Once inside, the burglar now has access to your home belongings, and guess what else – the car keys and other keys that most homeowners leave conveniently on a key holder or counter just inside the door. Now they can load up your car and take off, most times no one noticing anything since it is your car pulling out of your driveway!

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of a break and enter by ensuring you lock all of your doors at all times. Do your part as a responsible homeowner: lock your doors so that crime can’t have an opportunity to occur in Cranston, or elsewhere, and pass the word along to all of your neighbors. Also take the time to get to know your neighbors. Spotting someone who is not familiar, or does not belong, and calling the police to report can help everyone.

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